Turnaround Management

We develop project content with clear objectives, based on a professional as-is analysis, and use the balanced scorecard as a performance management tool. We take over the coordination of your team for the development of plan concepts, support, and ideally reflect on budgeted measures. Reviewing and learning, providing feedback and the communicative exchange of all participants are given priorities. We actively assist in the implementation of these measures.

Here is an example of the different phases of our approach, for a sample scenario:

Restructuring of a troubled medium-sized company with several production sites and various products.

  • Weakness analysis in the commercial and technical area with target definition, introduction of balanced scorecard for performance management, restructuring concept development while simultaneously implementing the measures
  • Create liquidity by influencing revenue sources and cost drivers
  • Support in business and operational management
  • Support during the restructuring phase
  • Preparation of monthly plans with target-actual comparison
  • Implementation of measures to increase productivity
  • Optimization of sales processes
  • Definition of customer satisfaction, quality, availability, added value
  • Reorganization of sales and administration
  • Establishment of key performance indicators for controlling and production
  • Temporary takeover of the business and operational management
  • Management change
  • M & A support
  • Build a bank reporting system
  • Debt restructuring to new lenders
  • Streamlining
  • Personnel concept
  • Technology concept
  • Learning and development perspectives: Employee satisfaction, communication and information processing
  • Investment Management
  • Coordination of the subsidiaries
  • Company restructuring
  • Realignment with new corporate controls
  • Liquidation calculations
  • Company sales
  • Investment support
  • Investment fundraising